Friday, January 1, 2010


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Today is January 1st 2010. I started a new blog for myself, new year, new goals, new ideas!

Our main blog will be for updates on the both of us including updates and pictures for Aaron's deployment.

I wanted to start this blog not just for the readers, but also for a motivational tool for myself. This year I decided to make a lot of changes, and as previous New years goals..I have failed on many things I wanted to accomplish. I want this year to be different.

I have started to write a book. The idea came from a dream I had and I was pretty much writing just for myself because the story I came up with was pretty cool to me. My friend Dana Sullens inspired me to write it down and create a book out of it. I see it like a movie and I am excited to take this story and bring it to life into a novel. I have written 43 pages on my own which is so not like me. I was the worst when it came to writing, grammar and spelling growing up. I know this year will be a great growing experience for me with my writing. I have a lot of learn. I have written poems and lyrics to songs, and now this step is huge for me.

I will post little updates on the book (without giving the story away) here and there. What I will post now, is that the story is based around the life of a witch!

Other updates for me is that once I save some money aside, I plan to put that money toward books and process fees to start getting my bachelors degree in Holistic natural nutrition.

This blog will include health tips, nutritional goal updates and fitness updates so I can reach my fitness goals. I will post my favorite vegan recipes and pictures of my delicious entrees and where I ordered the food...I am a food snob!

This blog is all about me, my life, my goals, my personal diary that I can publicly share because I believe that we can all inspire each other toward greatness by the experiences of others.

Please leave comments and advice per entry. Thanks for all the loving support of my friends and family! Here I go......

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  1. i LOVE it! you are a beacon of light, & i can't wait for more of the world to be guided by you....
    :):) c